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    ADF JS API methods not working for the newly created rows in table

      Hi All,

      We need to make sure the focus goes back to the newly created rows first column's first component.

      Used findComponent and findComponentByAbsoulteId and even hard coded the id, but still the methods are returning null.

      Even tried ADFRichTable.getRowKey(index), by passing index as 0 for the first row, still the method is returning null.

      Tried ADFUITable.findComponent(Object scopedId, Object rowKey), but unable to pass client side rowKey as the above method is returning null.

      All our requirement is to make the focus back to the first row's component when the user clicks on the cancel button instead of save button. Appreciate your help. Thanks.

      P.S.: Rows will be created using CreateInsert method.

      JDEV Version: and Table is in a region and we are using UI Shell Tab Template to launch regions.


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      Edited by: RajaRamasamy on Feb 10, 2013 4:30 PM