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    OIM assign user to role and  auto populate form

      Hi all ,
      we are using OIM 11g i have created role and assign policy to that rule (for AD user creation ) , i want to know is their any way to assign user automatically to specific role depend on specific user info like department

      my 2nd question is , how to populate request form automatically depend on user info for example user with dept name hr go to ou hr on active directory is that possible

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          You need to create the membership rule for both the requirement.

          In the membership rule you need to define the condition on which you want to trigger the role assignment.

          So when ever the condition is satisfied the role will be assigned to the user.

          For the 2nd requirement create a membership rule . for eg. user organization == org1 and then in the Form Designer --> prepopulate adapter

          Add each field and in the rule select the rule created to prepopuate the process form.
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            you need to create group membership rule to Assign user automatically a group based on some user profile attribute

            for 2nd you need to prepopulate request dataset