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    11g schema move from warehouse - compress on the fly...

      friends and oracle gurus,

      DB: Oracle 11.2
      OS: Linux
      Schema size: 25G

      I am trying to figure out best strategy to MOVE schema from warehouse to different database (11g) in compressed format on the fly... don't want to export first then compress and move files which is older way...
      basically data should always be compressed during expdp n impdp...

      so far I can think of below....
      1. Lock user on warehouse
      2. Expdp user with expdp parameter compress=all
      3. Import user
      4. drop user from warehouse

      I think it's as simple as this but...
      Just wondering am I missing any key element for compress part?
      Do we need special oracle license to use compress option?

      any other tips or steps??