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      Hi All,

      I am planning to buy a desktop or Laptop to practice hyperion 11.1.2.x planning, essbase and reporting studio.

      What are the minimum requirements.

      Would there be any compatibility issue with windows 8, because most of the prerequisites mentions windows 7.

      Thanks in advance
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          Jake Turrell
          I don't know a single person using Windows 8 in a business/work context yet, although I'm sure they're out there. I'd go Windows 7.

          When you say "practice Hyperion 11.1.2.x Planning, Essbase and Reporting Studio", what exactly do you mean? Do you have a Planning/Essbase environment available? If not, are you going to setup your own sandbox environment on the cloud, and simply install the clients on this new laptop? Are you going to install everything on the laptop?

          - Jake
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            You asked what is essentially the same question about three weeks ago:
            Hyperion Installation and configuration

            You received some reasonable answers there.
            You were told that one solitary computer was not going to be good enough for your intended end use.
            Perhaps you should stay in that earlier forum thread instead of starting new posts.