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    Approving the Submitted Time Card

      Hi Experts,

      Facing an issue that is created a time card and it is error out "Approver has been terminated" now i assign another project manager to the project now my requirment is how to use the same error time card which is in submitted status forwarded to the new project manager. Is there any api to approve the time card

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          Vigneswar Battu
          Hi Chris,

          We had a similar requirement.
          There is no API to APPROVE a timecard.

          What we did was to re-submit the timecard after adding some comments and this will either send the notification to the correct manager or Auto-approve it based on your rules. We have a rule for approval, which auto-approves if submitted from some responsibilities, like Manager Self-service and OTL Timekeeper.

          Hope that helps.

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            Hi Vignesh,

            Thanks for the reply, got the solution after changing the correct project manager for the project, then select error workflow click on update attributes button and there i provide the approver id and approver name then i click on the retry button then it works normal and notiifcation goes to the changed project manager.