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    Cobol Compiler licesnsing and requirement.

      Hi to all,

      Is Cobol compiler needed on appserver and process scheduler both. Does peopleSoft use both Compile and Run time feature of Cobol compiler? Do we need both fearures(Compile & Run time) on each physical server, or buying license for one Physical server would solve the purpose. Please let me know the approximate cost of license of each fearures as well.

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          The compile license is for compiling all your COBOL's, you only need one compile license on a server which you can use to compile all COBOL. The runtime license is needed on every server where COBOL will be run. If you have the application server running on a different server than the process scheduler then you'll need a runtime license for each server. That is of course if you are using an application which runs COBOL during certain actions on components and processes with COBOL.

          For the costs of the license you'll have to contact Microfocus. Depending on how many servers you've got it can be around $10,000 a year. Take a look at this price list for more details:

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            Thanks a lot Michel for your quick reply,

            We have setup three instances Campus Solution,HCM and Finance on Linux server, all the app,web,batch and database is there.The issue is our Cobol trial license has already expired. To counter that I setup process scheduler on windows machine using the trial period. The cobol jobs are running fine but the online Cobol jobs are not getting processed successfully.We are setting this for our internal purpose, however planning to buy license,but seem we would need Run time license on each Linux server. We have two Linux servers, and our all the environment resides over there. Please suggest any solution, If we can get rid of buying license or only buying for one server anyway solve our purpose including runtime and compile.

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              The online COBOL jobs are not getting processed because the Application server will need a runtime license where it is running. Even though you are using this for internal purposes you will need a COBOL license if you plan on running COBOLs passed the 30-day trial.

              If you want to reduce the number of licenses you should keep the process scheduler and application server running on the same Linux host. Most clients I work for have a runtime license for the production environment and a compile license which is also used as runtime for the Acceptance environment. Since you have three instances running on one server you only need one license for one server. The only problem is the number of concurrent users on that license. If you take 1 concurrent user for that license you will get an error message when there are 2 COBOL processes being run on each of the environments.