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    Project Accounting Month end Closing Process

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      Any one can help me by explaining Project Accounting Month End Closing Process

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          Dina Rotem

          You may want to review the following document -
          EBS R11i Period Close Processes Overview [ID 1481610.1]


          There is a specific chapter that deals with closing process in Oracle Projects.

          For R12 you may review the following -
          Period Close Advisor: E-Business Suite (EBS) [ID 335.1]

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            1. Clear all the transactions from Interface tables
            2. Import them
            3. Run all the Expenditures (PRC, Interface processes) make sure none of the expenditures are not accounted
            4. Run Borrow and Lent process if any, Transfer to GL
            5. Run Revenue Process, make sure revenue is generated, accounted
            6. Review the revenue draft versions created, make sure all revenue draft versions are released
            7. INterface revenue to GL, then later Tie back process
            8. Run the Invoicing process
            9. Make sure to Approve, release all the Invoices in draft version
            10. Interface to AR ( ensure that none of the records are in error)
            11. Auto Invoice Import in AR
            12. Tieback process in PA
            13. run Exc: Transaction Exception details by GL Period/ PA period , Exc: Transaction Exception summary by GL Period/ PA Period
            14. Make sure the report output on step 13 are blank, if yes try to clear all the transactions and re run the reports
            15. Now try closing the period

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