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    Read Access privilege

    Meenakshy singh
      Hi Gurus,

      My oracle version is Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release and Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit on AIX machine.
      I have created same user with same read access privilege in two different database.After creating users with read only access privileges,users can able to view records using select * from ci.acct;
      But for another database select * from ebt_transaction;Its asking to enter schema_name.table_name.

      ON AIX - when I am running this query select from table_name;*
      Means users can access select * from ci_acct; It works fine without entering schema name.

      but On windows - ( other databases) I am running same quey select from ebt_transaction;* its not working.It's asking me to enter select from ebt.ebt_transaction;*.
      But why do i need to enter the ebt?
      normally in our application, we won't use schemaname.tablename

      If same is quey is running in above database(on AIX machine) then why not in another database (on windows).can anyone tell me ?