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    navigator.geolocation found but getCurrentLocation fails even when stripped

      Yesterday I built geolocation into my app. It was working perfectly and then it just stopped.

      The details:
      Application Express

      I started building out page 1. As it goes with trouble shooting, I spawned new pages 2 through 6. When I finally had everything working exactly the way I wanted (geolocation built in Execute when Page Loads and loaded into page and application items), I deleted page 1 and copied page 6 there. I went through and fixed all references. At the same time I moved the breadcrumb to page 0.

      I then loaded the new page 1. Geolocation was no longer working. The if navigator.geolocation code works but the call to getCurrentLocation failed. I tested using alerts. (On an aside, is there a better approach to debugging this?) I then stripped the callback function leaving only an alert. Still no success.

      I'd love some feedback.