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    Manager as VM - No Route To Host

      I know I'm not the only one who's running into this, but I can't find a solution searching Google or this forum. I'm following the instructions in the OVM 3.2.1 documentation, "4.7 Running Oracle VM Manager as a Virtual Machine." I have my physical OVMM running just fine and I created a VM, installed the manager on it using the --uuid option, and I can log into the new OVMM web interface, but I can't discover the host server where the manager is a VM.  In other words I'm stuck at step 7.  When I SSH to the new manager VM and try to ping the host by the IP address it returns with the blasted no route to host message.  Of course I'm able to ping every other IP address in the subnet.  <sigh>

      I'm assuming the host networking configuration somehow blocks direct access from the VMs. Can anyone tell me how to get this working? And maybe if there are better instructions out there?