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    Issue Oracle Apps Adapter : Unable to invoke CREATE_SINGLE_INVOICE API

      Hi Gurus,

      For the first time i am trying to invoke the CREATE_SINGLE_INVOICE API from Oracle Apps Adapter and facing some issues. I am able to generate the Invoice from backend( writing Pl/Sql block) and not able to generate the invoice from SOA Project.

      The error message is given below :

      Exception occured when binding was invoked. Exception occured during invocation of JCA binding: "JCA Binding execute of Reference operation 'Test' failed due to: Stored procedure invocation error. Error while trying to prepare and execute the APPS.XX_BPEL_TEST.AR_INVOICE_API_PUB$CREATE_SIN API. An error occurred while preparing and executing the APPS.XX_BPEL_TEST.AR_INVOICE_API_PUB$CREATE_SIN API. Cause: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection ORA-06512: at "APPS.XX_BPEL_TEST", line 879 ORA-06512: at "APPS.XX_BPEL_TEST", line 909 ORA-06512: at line 1 Check to ensure that the API is defined in the database and that the parameters match the signature of the API. This exception is considered not retriable, likely due to a modelling mistake. To classify it as retriable instead add property nonRetriableErrorCodes with value "-6531" to your deployment descriptor (i.e. weblogic-ra.xml). To auto retry a retriable fault set these composite.xml properties for this invoke: jca.retry.interval, jca.retry.count, and jca.retry.backoff. All properties are integers. ". The invoked JCA adapter raised a resource exception. Please examine the above error message carefully to determine a resolution.

      Steps I followed :

      1. Created a SOA project and using 3 different Apps Adapter tried to invoke APIs like fnd_global.apps_initialization , mo_global.set_policy_context and Create_single_invoice.
      2. After assigning the values , deployed the project into the SOA server.
      3. At time of testing , getting above mentioned error.

      I have used a non-XA Datasource.

      My question is why the SOA project is failing to invoke the API, while using same testing value i am able to generate the invoice from backend (writing Pl/sql ).

      Please help !!! and please mention if there is any issue in design (my SOA Project) Concept.

      Thanks in Advance.