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    Configuration of AME for Invoice Approval in different operating units

      Dear Experts,

      We have a requirement of Invoice Approval for our client.
      So, I configured Invoice approval using AME for attribute SUPPLIER_INVOICE_AMOUNT.
      and i was able to send the Invoice for approval by setting up 'Supervisor level'
      action type. This invoice approval is working fine for one operating unit.

      But our client is having many number of Operating Units, how to configure
      the AME for Invoice approval in such a way that Invoice raised in different
      operating units should go to different approval list in diff Operating units.

      Can we setup different approver groups with respect to diff operating units?.

      How can we attach these approver groups to Rules defined in AME?.

      Kindly explain me in detail about the setup steps needed for the
      configuration of Invoice approval for diff operating units.

      Kindly respond at the earliest as the requirement is needed urgently for our client.

      Thanks in advance !

      Best Regards,