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    Performance on RMAN backups and LOBs

      Hi all,

      We have a 4-node database ( running on a RHEL. The db has 2.5TBs, and we realized that the incremental level 1 backup is taking too long to complete. Doing some research, we found some blog posts saying that, during a backup of a segment, if that same segment has a lot of lob segments (and that is our case... a lot of lob segments) and the backup is being compressed (we are using CONFIGURE COMPRESSION ALGORITHM 'HIGH' OPTIMIZE FOR LOAD TRUE AS OF RELEASE 'DEFAULT') this same backup can take a lot longer than a uncompressed backup. What i would like to know is if you had an equal experience and if changing the compression algorithm to none, the backup will run faster.

      PS - The input and output of the backup is disk.

      Thanks in advance.