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    ADF UI: blank dialog appears when DOUBLE click a button to trigger a dialog


      I'm using an af:commandToolbarButton to trigger a dialog defined with task flow.

      The button, the dialog, and the task flow are all defined correctly, the task flow dialog appears correctly when single click the button.

      Problem is, when a user double cliks the button to trigger the dialog, two dialogs with same size and same position are shown: 1st one is the correct one, and the 2nd is a blank dialog and is exactly on the 1st dialog and hide the 1st one, then only a blank dialog is shown.

      The code for the button looks like the following:
      <af:commandToolbarButton text="Add" id="btnid"
      windowWidth="700"/> (icon, shortDesc, listener, etc. are not listed here)

      Does anyone have seen similar issue? What should be done to avoid blank dialog for double click?