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    how to reassign disk space from root on OL 5


      we have installed OL and accidentally i assigned total space to root directory, i want to re-create another mount point,is it possible..?

      Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
      901G 2.8G ; 852G 1% /
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          You will need to shrink your LVM root volume to be able to create an additional volume to be mounted separately. The process requires that you boot into rescue mode using a startup CD/DVD and drop into a shell without mounting the root partition.

          For instance:

          vgchange -a y
          fsck -f /dev/vg_vm025/lv_root
          resize2fs /dev/vg_vm025/lv_root 100G
          lvresize -L -100G /dev/vg_vm025/lv_root
          lvcreate -L 20G -n lv_home vg_vm025

          You then have a new volume named "lv_home" that you can mount.

          So yes, it is possible, but the process is rather complex. If you are not familiar with the concepts and administration of LVM I suggest to reinstall the system and customize the installation process. You can find info in the standard installation guide.