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    Readonly markups.

      Here is what i need:

      There is list of markups. Some of them belongs to different users.
      I want to make so that when user creates new markup - he sees all the markups even which belongs to other users, but he can edit only his own markups.
      I tried to use read-only attribute in order to make some markups not editable.
      Like this new DMSProperty(DMSProperty.CSI_DocReadOnly, true);

      But it looks like creation and edit gui ignores it and allow me to modify anything i want anyway, and i don't know the reason.

      Question: So may be someone can point me in right direction? if it even possible to make what i want using read-only attribute or may be there is some other way?

      I have laso found this doc Oracle AutoVue VueLink for Oracle UCM http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27284_01/otn/pdf/E27279_02.pdf
      There is such article Appendix E: Controlling Read Function-ality of Markups which describes that :

      Third-party integrators must provide an implementation which inherits the class com.cimmetry.vuelink.ucm.propactions.Markup.
      And override this methods to filter the markups list stored in the first parameter of the method.
      protected DMSProperty postAction(DMSProperty property, final DMSQuery query, final DMSSession session)

      Question: But as far as i understand Oracle UCM and Autovue is different components and i need to buy both of them to make this method works.
      Or i can make something similar using just AutoVue VueLink classes?

      Any ideas are welcome