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    Incremental load of data in SE1

      we are looking into the possibilities for the incremental load of data;
      i found the below thread:
      Incremental Loading of data

      options listed in there are:
      There are four solutions in Oracle to populate the changed data or incremental data or delta data.

      1) Triggers at DB Level
      2) Oracle CDC
      3) Oracle AQ
      4) Oracle Streams

      All the solutions were having some pros and cons. You need to evalute the best option which meets your requirements.

      I am interested to know which of these can be used within standard edition one version of oracle database?
      under licensing info for SE1 i found the following:
      Asynchronous data capture - not available for SE1
      Oracle Streams - available for SE1 , with the following exception: " no capture from redo"

      to me looks like the only option left for us is using database triggers
      id appreciate some feedback from people who were using SE1 how they went about this requirement, and if they also used only db triggers, or it was still possible to configure Oracle Streams /Advance Queuing, without the option for Change Data Capture enabled;