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    ADF Mobile - Phone Performance Issues

    Richard Childe

      I've been using ADF Mobile for a while now. All's going well - I'm able to access web-based data services etc and everything seems to work. I do have a couple of couple of questions regarding performance on the phone though and I was wondering if anyone could offer some help/advice etc.

      I've followed all the steps here: https://blogs.oracle.com/mobile/entry/configuration_tips_for_better_performance

      ...but with no visibile improvements. My issues are:

      <1> Once the app is deployed, starting it for the first time takes around 2 minutes. All subsequent start-ups of the app after this take a couple of seconds, even after a shutdown of the phone. I'm not sure how to determine what exactly is happening during this phase, and why this takes so long just the first time? The duration for this also seems to have increased as I've added pages to my app, and as it only has 4 at the moment I'm concerned that adding much more to it will make the problem worse.

      <2> I use "listItems" on most pages in a "panelGroupLayout", and the scrolling performance is very poor. All other apps I have on my phone scroll very smoothly. With my ADF app, you drag your finger to scroll up or down and there's a noticeable delay before all the rows move in one go with no visible scrolling actually taking place. This happens even when all the rows to be displayed are loaded on to the page and there's no more calling of the web service necessary. I've deployed the sample "DeviceDemo" to my phone and the "Properties" page has the same problem. The scrolling is very poor.

      I've done a fair bit of Googling on this without much success, Any help or suggested reading on any of this would be very much appreciated.

      Cheers, Rich.

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          Currently there is no 'solution' for this problem.

          A quote from Joe
          Joe Huang wrote:

          First you would need to deploy the application in "Release Mode". This requires you to create a Java Keystore and a certificate using the Java keytool, and then you would use it to compile the app. If you have done that, then can you please help explain what these pages are doing, and observed performance?

          Unfortunately Galaxy Tab 2 is a bit old - if you have done everything to optimize the app, this could be due to older Android OS. Android OS (especially version 2.x) does not support HTML5/JS well, and performance is much worse than HTML5/JS running on Android 4.x devices. This is more than just HW differences - this is primarily due to the web engine used by the webview.

          This is also somewhat a general issue with Android - Chrome is a much faster browser on Android, but unfortunately the webview (which ADF Mobile leverages) is not yet based on Chrome. If and when they switch to Chrome, the JavaScript/HTML5 support would start to rival that of the iOS.


          Joe Huang
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            Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
            I'm guessing you are using Android.
            Are you deploying to the emulator or to device?
            Which device? which Android version?
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              Richard Childe
              Hi Shay - apologies. I did mean to put this on the original post.

              I'm deploying it to a device - a Samsung Galaxy S3, Android 4.1.2.

              I have access to Galaxy Nexus 7 at work, so I should be able to try that next week.

              Thanks, Rich.
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                Although everything was done by Oracle in this regard for the respect, the impression is that the performance is really a problem. In addition, it lacks a few demo applications, which would eliminate confusion over how to develop applications.

                For example, I tried to develop a ADF Mobile CRUD application that works with web services, and after some time I gave up because it was too many questions that I have not found the answer. On this occasion, I appeal once again to the mobile team to make such a demo, based, as usual, on the HR demo schema...
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                  Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
                  For a sample of using Web services for CRUD operations against a remote database see:
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                    thanks for response,
                    I saw it, but I then tried to update current record in the af:popup. I changed some attribute values, but do not know how to do undo these changes. This is popup with usual Save - Cancel buttons. What to do when the user clicks the Cancel button, in order to undo changes made in the popup ? Do you have any example regarding this ?

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                      Currently I also facing this problem too as Performance in Android is totally slow, even using a newest android version with and fast device a Nexus 4 and also deployed in "Release" mode as Oracle said to improving performance(but seems nothing to improve).

                      It seems normally to waiting around 2 minutes for start-up screen before showing default page. but this performance problem is not applied to iOS.


                      btw My company still be aware about performance issue in Android as depended to user-experience. and I am still looking forward to seeing more improvement in the future.

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                        Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle

                        Do you experience the 2 minutes startup only on the first startup after you install the application, or is this something that happens with consecutive invokes of the application?

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                          Well, It's not about 2 minutes, as I was tested with my application and it seems forever showing splashscreen. except you tried to switch application and go back to ADF Mobile application

                          Only Navigation Bar in bottom shown but content for amx page doesn't show anything.


                          btw this application is working properly in iOS, so wried with Android. I might be made something wrong, because I was tested with Oracle sample application or freshly created application, It's working properly in Android but might be waiting for splash screen more than iOS