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    Oracle Weblogic 9.2.3 server support for SAML 1.1 'wildcard attributes'

      To support Web SSO using SAML on Oracle Weblogic 9.2.3 server - I need to parse SAML 1.1 'wildcard attributes' in the SAML 1.1 Asserter schema; https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/3408/oasis-sstc-saml-schema-assertion-1.1.xsd. The Oracle Weblogic 9.2.3 server provides an interface; weblogic.security.providers.saml.SAMLIdentityAssertionNameMapper - for parsing the information in the SAML token provided by an external partner, but this interface only deals with nameid and groups and not attributes in the AttributeStatement of the SAML token. In weblogic 10 a new interface; com.bea.security.saml2.providers.SAML2IdentityAsserterAttributeMapper - is provided, which solves this problem.

      My question is, how can I get access to the attributes in the AttributeStatement in the SAML 1.1 token on an Oracle Weblogic 9.2.3 server ?


      Is the weblogic.security.providers.saml.SAMLIdentityAssertionAttributeMapper available in weblogic 9.2.3 ?