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    ADF Mobile bundle extension issue

      I've just installed adf_mobile_bundle extension in Jdeveloper (as described here https://blogs.oracle.com/brunoborges/entry/first_steps_with_oracle_adf).
      It seems ok,but jdeveloper ,once, restarted doesn't reflect the changing expected : no ADF mobile application , no evidence in the >tools>preferences form.
      do i have done something wrong?
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          Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
          One thing that solved this for some people is starting JDeveloper with the -su flag.
          So .../bin/jdev.exe -su
          This moves your system directory to be under the JDeveloper installation.
          Start JDeveloper this way, install the extension, and then start JDeveloper again with the same flag and see if it helps.
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            thank for your prompt response but it doesn't work.
            I'm newbie so it might be possible that i have doing something wrong. For istance it sound strange me see that jdeveloper, once specified the folder and the file adf-mobile_bundle.zip doesn't execute any setup step. It just shows me some information about the licence and after having clicked OK it suddenly asks to restart..I mean , I should have expect at least a run of unzip step, install process..stuff like this or jdeveloper waits the restart for doing this?
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              now it's works fine.
              It was my fault .I forgot to update the property of the link use to run jdeveloper (now i've added -su)
              thank you