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    Local development for APEX Cloud

      I would like to develop an APEX cloud app locally and offline (my PC). Later, I'll deploy it to the cloud for testing when finished. I understand that the APEX/DB in the cloud only provides a sub-set of the features of a local APEX/DB installation. To make sure I develop a solution that will run in the cloud and not depending on features not supported, I would like to set up my local PC with the same limitations as the cloud instance. Is there a script/patch etc. that can be run to limit local features (or privs to them) to mimic the same premises and enviroment as when running in the cloud? (I know such exists for MS Azure local development).
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          I've still not figured out the best approach for local development for the public oracle database cloud, with the same restrictions as implemented in the cloud:
          Any suggestions for a "best practice" for the local development environment reflecting most of these limitations?
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            We hope to make a script available that could be used with Enterprise Manager to duplicate the Database Cloud Service restrictions, but that is not yet available. For now, your best approach is to use the white paper you mentioned.

            - Rick Greenwald
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              Omar M Sawalhah
              I have checked the document, and I was actually shocked,
              Oracle Database Version and Edition
              The current version of the Oracle Database Cloud Service is based on Oracle Database 11g Release 2, Enterprise Edition with each quarterly security patch set applied. The only option included in the Oracle Database Cloud Service is the Partitioning Option.
              Components not available
              The following features and components are not part of the current version of the Oracle Database Cloud Service:
              • Oracle Text
              • Oracle OLAP
              • Oracle Spatial
              • Oracle Label Security
              • Oracle Warehouse Builder
              • Oracle Database Vault
              • Oracle Database Extensions for .NET
              • Oracle Java VM
              • Oracle Multimedia

              Is it true?

              What if I have an application depends intensively on Oracle Text as a search engine, is there any possibility to achieve this?

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                Hello Omar -

                Yes, the document is correct. We are hoping to add more extended capabilities and options to the Database Cloud Service, but each individual service has to be thoroughly vetted by our development and security teams to insure that there will be not issues with using them in a multi-tenant environment. We will be updating the Database Cloud Service as these tests are complete, assuming there are no "showstoppers".

                For now, you will not be able to run your application in the Database Cloud if it uses Oracle Text. You might be able to kludge something together by making Web Service callouts to another environment that does support Oracle Text, but my guess is that this would not work very well.

                Thanks for your interest.

                - Rick Greenwald
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                  Darrin Parker
                  Hi Rick- Me again but this time related to Omar's question about Oracle Text. I know that you can't give timelines but can you let us know the current priorities for enabling additional options? In other words, is Oracle Text a higher priority relative to others? Text is a requirement for our App as well... we don't use it extensively but we do use it for "fuzzy" matching. Thanks
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                    Darrin -

                    Yes, you are right - I cannot give timelines. All I can say is that it is our full intent to enable this and the other options as soon as possible, pending full security review in light of the increased requirements of a public cloud. I will definitely keep this community informed as timeframes become more clear, but the security experts are the final arbiters of this matter, as well they should be.

                    - Rick Greenwald