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    Sun IDM Key based authentication

      Hi All,

      I've a requirement in SUN IDM for configuring an AIX resource with key based authentication.
      For this, first i created public and private keys in the AIX resource ( AIX Server) with a passphrase. The files id_rsa and id_rsa.pub are now available in /home/<UserID>/.ssh on the AIX Server . UserID is the ID used to login to the AIX server( no root access)
      Then, i created a file named authorized_keys and copied the contents of the id_rsa.pub and pasted in authorized_keys file.

      For key based authentication, i configured the resource with the following parameters on SUN IDM console :

      Host name=Specific to server
      TCP Port=22
      Login User= <UserID> <User ID used while creating publice and priavte keys on AIX server)
      Login shell Prompt=$
      SUDO authentication =TRU
      Connection Type= SSHPubKey
      Private key = (Contents of id_rsa file from AIX server)
      Passphrase = created from the server

      Now, if i do the Test Configuration, I get the error message : Auth Failed.

      Do I need to create the authorized_keys file under the /.ssh ( root .ssh folder of the AIX server ) instead of the .ssh folder of the UserID used for creating the keys?
      Am i missing something here?

      Thanks in advance.