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    How to retrieve XMLP Report after publishing it

      There is a custom page created which has some data (all data is display only) on level 1. There is also a link on that level 1.
      When the user comes on this page for a particular search values (from search page) and on a particular level 1 row, and clicks on that link, a XMLP report should get generated and open up.
      When the user comes to the same page with same search values and same row on level 1 later after some time/day, the XMLP report which was generated already should open up instead of generating a new XMLP report.
      Hence, the XMLP report should generated only once for a particular level 1 row and henceforth should be reused.

      Technical Logic applied so far:*
      The logic was written on the component.record.fieldchange of the link on level 1.
      I was able to generate the XMLP Data file. Using this data file, i was able to generate the report (in PDF) and publish as well.

      Created the object:
      &oRptDefn = create PSXP_RPTDEFNMANAGER:ReportDefn(<Report Definition Name>);
      &oRptDefn.SetRuntimeDataXMLFile(<XML Data file>);

      Set the outdestination:
      &oRptDefn.OutDestination = <Some Unix Path>;

      Called Process Report:
      &oRptDefn.ProcessReport(<Report Definition Template Name>, %Language, %Date, &oRptDefn.GetDefaultOutputFormat());

      And published:
      &oRptDefn.Publish("PSUNX", "", "", 0);

      The report gets published. I can view the report in pdf on
      Main Menu > Reporting Tools > XML Publisher > XML Report Search

      Issue (which is also a road block):*
      Now how should i proceed in order to open(display) the same report when the user clicks the link on level 1 again.
      How can i reopen this same report next time?
      I was wondering if i get Report Id and Process Instance (as displayed in XML Report Search), i can save both for future use. So that i can dynamically create the report URL using these 2 IDs when the user clicks the same link next time. But not able to get the correct values of these properties.
      After publish, &oRptDefn.ProcessInstance gives 0 instead of the process instance as shown in XML Report Search page.

      Please help with your expertise.
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          Take a look at the Report class:
          import PSXP_REPORTMGR:Report;
          Local PSXP_REPORTMGR:Report &oRpt = create PSXP_REPORTMGR:Report(String(&nRptId), &prcsinstance, &contentid, &sdbname, &sRptName, &sRptDescr, &sRptURL, &sFileURL, &dRptCreateDttm, &dRptExpireDt, &sFldrName);

          There are multiple ways of achieving your goal. The easiest would be to store a reference to the report before it is published the first time in a record. This record would then contain a process instance number which can then be used in the Report class to retrieve the report. If you want to search for reports through PeopleCode take a look here:


          This is the same functionality which is used in the XML report search page.
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            Thanks for the reply Michel..

            If i understood your reply correctly, you are saying that i should pass the process instance and pass in the process report() ???
            And find the next process instance number available to use for XMLP report generation?
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              The process instance number gets populated automatically by PeopleSoft when calling Publish. The problem however is that you cannot retrieve the assigned process instance number through PeopleCode after calling Publish. I think this property has a use when running the report through the Process Scheduler and not the Application server (which is the case in this situation).

              Take a look at the PSRF_RINFO_TBL record. In this record all the XMLP reports will be stored with the report URL. Your requirement says that when a user enters a component with a certain search criteria and a report was already generated for that criteria the link at level 1 should open that specific report. With the PSRF_RINFO_TBL record you know which reports have been generated so far. The only thing you then need is to link a report to a specific search criteria. If you run a SQLExec on the PSRF_RINFO_TBL after you've published it you should be able to retrieve the process instance and content id. If you add either a record or some fields to the existing record for that component you can link the process instance/contentid to the search criteria. If a report already exists you can use the code I've posted in my previous post to open the report on the screen.
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                Thanks Michel...This helps...I will try it out...