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    Problem with column display selection


      I'm working on a new environment.

      DBS is 11gR2 on SUSE Linux
      Apex version is
      Client is Win 2008R2 running IE8.0.7601

      I have created a few screens, and on one of the reprd screens I have manually created a few extra columns.

      In the past I have gone into Actions > Select Columns and got the display column selector.

      I have highlighted the column in the LHS and moved it across to the RHS (Display in report).

      It seems that the buttons in the middle to move the items from the LEFT to RIGHT side are not working for me.
      Once I press on any of them then all of the buttons in the middle of the screen no longer work and I need to refresh the URL in order to get things to work again.

      I have done a search, but the words I am using are not very selective.

      All help gratefully received.