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    ADF Mobile: Logging

    Bijesh Krishnadas
      JDeveloper : Build: JDEVADF_11.
      Deployed to Android Emulator: Android 4.0.3 (API Level 15) - ARM

      I am having trouble working out the documentation on logging - [http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35521_01/doc.111230/e24475/debugging.htm#BABCBIHI] . From how I read the doco states that in Android, the console output is redirected to a text file in /sdcard. I have checked that /sdcard in my emulator has rw permissions. However, even on an error in the app, there are no log files generated.

      The doco states that logging.properties should be in .adf/META-INF but by default JDev generates a logging.properties in src/META-INF. I have edited both logging.properties to set the log level to FINEST. Note: at the moment, I am merely trying to see the stacktrace for a framework generated exception.
      # default all loggers to use the ConsoleHandler
      # default all loggers to use the SimpleFormatter
      # default ConsoleHandler logging level to SEVERE
      oracle.adfmf.util.logging.PatternFormatter.pattern=[%LEVEL% - %LOGGER% - %CLASS% - %METHOD%] %MESSAGE%
      #configure the framework logger to only use the adfmf ConsoleHandler
      #configure the application logger to only use the adfmf ConsoleHandler
      What I am trying to work out is do I have to use a FileHandler explicitly or is the doco right in stating that all console output gets written to /sdcard?