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    How to copy files to developerday vm?

      I have tried filezilla, scp, sftp, and the connection seems to timeout when attempting to copy files to the developerday vm. I have this running under the latest virtualbox running on a linux 64 bit host. I just want to copy a few files over to the vm.

      [kalee@localhost apache_software]$ scp axis2-1.5.2-war.zip oracle@
      oracle@'s password:
      All passwords are oracle or noted if otherwise.
      [kalee@localhost apache_software]$

      No errors, and no files are copied. I can ssh into the machine with a lot of messages, but scp isn't working and I am not sure why? Any help appreciated!

      ---Basic Settings ---
      General Name: Oracle Developer Days
      OS Type: Other Linux
      System Base Memory: 900 MB
      Processor(s): 1
      Boot Order: Floppy, CD/DVD-ROM, Hard Disk
      VT-x/AMD-V: Enabled
      Nested Paging: Enabled
      Display Video Memory: 12 MB
      3D Acceleration: Disabled
      2D Video Acceleration: Disabled
      Remote Display Server: Disabled
      Storage: IDE Controller
      IDE Primary Master: OTN_DD_ROOT.vmdk (Normal, 12.00 GB)
      IDE Primary Slave: OTN_DD_ORACLE.vmdk (Normal, 12.00 GB)
      Audio: Disabled
      Network Adapter 1: PCnet-FAST III (Host-only adapter, 'vboxnet0')
      Serial Ports: Disabled
      USB: Disabled
      Shared Folders: None

      Thanks, Ken
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          What I did was using SharedFolders. First you have to update the Guest additions to make sure the installed version on your guest system equals the version of your virtualbox application. You can mount them by selecting Install Guest Additions... under the menu Devices. A disk will be mounted in the vm. Open a terminal windows and change to root (su). You can update the guest additions by entering sh ./VBoxLinuxAdditions-xx.run. Select he right .run file for you hardware. If all goes well the guest additions are updated. If you run the shell script autorun.sh you will get some kind of permission error.

          Before you reboot your vm do the following.

          Update the /etc/fstab file with the following entry:

          SharedFolders          /home/oracle/SharedFolders     vboxsf     defaults     0 0

          Use a single tab between each column. The easiest way to update this file is by opening a terminal window, change to root (type su) and type gedit fstab inside the /etc directory. You can now edit and save the file.

          Make sure you create the /home/oracle/SharedFolders directory. Make sure you are user oracle instead of root when you do this.

          Now you can shutdown your vm.

          The last thing you have to do is create a mapping between a folder on your host andthe SharedFolders on your guest. Browse to sharefolders in the settings of your vm. Create a machine Foler and make sure you use SharedFolders as the Folder Name.

          When you boot your vm again you can now access your host folder through the /home/oracle/SharedFolders directory on your guest.
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            This is an old thread but is still a problem

            scp is a noninteractive shell which means it does not handle normal output the same. You can comment out the lines that display output in ~oracle/.bashrc and ~oracle/.bash_profile

            #echo IP Address is:
            #/sbin/ifconfig | grep "inet addr"


            #cat ~/Desktop/README.txt
            #/sbin/ifconfig | grep "inet addr"