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    Autoview 20 2 desktop deployment CSharp


      I am a C# developer and we integrated autoview with our software and it was working fine upto 20.0 version. We installed autoview desktop version for that.
      Now for autoview 20.2 version , our application not working.
      Any body can provide a C#.Net example of how to use autoview 20.2 in C# or any link to C# class and examples.
      I am struggling in the following areas-

      1. Earlier we used AxAUTOVUEXLib.AxAutoVueX class and now which class we need to use.
      2. I have installed AutoViewElectro-Mechanical Professional 20.2.1 Demo version. Do I need to install any other software for Visual Studio development.
      3. I got a VB sample application after installation. Its working when I am running the application, but the form designer is throwing error "External component has thrown an exception" and "Class factory cannot supply requested class".
      4. What is AxJVueAXLib.AxJVueAXControl class , is it compatible for C#.Net development?

      We are using .Net Framework 4 and Windows 7 OS.

      Please help.