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    Migration Question

      My question is can you migrate an existing Guest Domain from a SPARC Logical Domain running Sol 10 Update 10 , running LDOM Version 2.2
      to another SPARC Logical Domain running Solaris 11.1 running LDOM Version 3.2.
      (Both Oracle Solaris system serving out the same NFS shares for the guest domains)
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          Liam Merwick-Oracle
          Yes that should work although 11.1 will have 3.0 (the version of the OVM Server for SPARC release) not 3.2 (which is the version number of the OVM Manager release). The latest version in 11.1 SRU4.5 is ldomsmanager@

          The other variable to be aware of is the firmware version on both machines. I don't know what platform you are running on but ideally it should be the latest as there was a firmware bug a while ago where migrations between differing version of firmware failed (in general you should be able to migrate between differing version of firmware as long as the older version of firmware meets the minimum firmware requirements of the newer LDoms release).