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    Prevent XML whitespace normalization destroying HL7 delimited messages?


      I am usng a file adapter and native format converter to read a bunch of HL7 v2 Delimited messages from a file, supply each, one at a time, to a BPEL process, invoke a properly configured SOA Suite for healthcare integraiton endpont-related web service to translate from natvie to XML and then write the resulting XML to a file. As a processing soltiun it works. As a HL7 solutin it is broken. As the HL7 delimited messages are read the native format converter encpsultaes the messages in XML. As it does so it "normalizes" whitespace so all carriage returns, new lines and so on are turned into a single space. This break the HL7 delimited message structuire, where sements are delimited by carriage returns, and causes the delimited native t xml web service invocatin to returns an incrrectly structures HL7 message.

      Is there a way in which a bunch of HL7 delimited messages can be read from a fle, broken up into individual messages and passed to a web service withour messing is carriage returns?

      Thank in advance