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    Jboss Server - where are the images

    Keith Jamieson
      Hi I am trying to configure version 1.0.2 of the Apex listener running under jboss-as-7.1.1.Final on windows.

      I did this just by copying the apex.war into standalone/deployments and the apex war file was deployed and I have found the apex_config.xml

      Currently I cannot see where or how I need to point to the images, so although I can see the listener page, it does not point to any images.

      Also where do I set up the listener Admin and listener Manager?

      This is my config file:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "http://java.sun.com/dtd/properties.dtd">
      <comment> Created: Tue Feb 19 11:06:10 GMT 2013  Version: </comment>
      <entry key="apex.db.username">APEX_PUBLIC_USER</entry>
      <entry key="apex.db.password">@05B4F5AE0DD5D76F09D47686E2283A0C1B</entry>
      <entry key="apex.db.connectionType">basic</entry>
      <entry key="apex.db.hostname">localhost</entry>
      <entry key="apex.db.port">1521</entry>
      <entry key="apex.db.sid">keith</entry>
      <entry key="apex.db.servicename"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.db.tnsAliasName"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.db.tnsDirectory"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.db.customURL"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.jdbc.DriverType">thin</entry>
      <entry key="apex.jdbc.InitialLimit">3</entry>
      <entry key="apex.jdbc.MinLimit">1</entry>
      <entry key="apex.jdbc.MaxLimit">10</entry>
      <entry key="apex.jdbc.MaxStatementsLimit">10</entry>
      <entry key="apex.jdbc.InactivityTimeout">1800</entry>
      <entry key="apex.jdbc.AbandonedConnectionTimeout">900</entry>
      <entry key="apex.jdbc.MaxConnectionReuseCount">50000</entry>
      <entry key="apex.security.inclusionList"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.security.exclusionList"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.security.disableDefaultExclusionList">false</entry>
      <entry key="apex.security.requestValidationFunction"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.security.maxEntries">2000</entry>
      <entry key="apex.cache.caching">false</entry>
      <entry key="apex.cache.procedureNameList"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.cache.type">lru</entry>
      <entry key="apex.cache.maxEntries">500</entry>
      <entry key="apex.cache.expiration">7</entry>
      <entry key="apex.cache.duration">days</entry>
      <entry key="apex.cache.monitorInterval">60</entry>
      <entry key="apex.cache.directory">C:\Users\G501752\AppData\Local\Temp\apex\cache</entry>
      <entry key="apex.procedure.preProcess"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.procedure.postProcess"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.misc.defaultPage">apex</entry>
      <entry key="apex.misc.compress"></entry>
      <entry key="apex.debug.debugger">false</entry>
      <entry key="apex.debug.printDebugToScreen">false</entry>
      <entry key="apex.error.keepErrorMessages">true</entry>
      <entry key="apex.error.maxEntries">50</entry>
      <entry key="apex.log.logging">false</entry>
      <entry key="apex.log.maxEntries">50</entry>
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          Hi Keith,

          this is part of your JBoss configuration. If you have a context for static contents (I think JBoss has something like "ROOT" per default), you can simply copy your APEX images into that context using a directory name that fits to the images prefix of your APEX instance (default would be +/i+ ), so if you call http://<jbosshost>:<jbossport>/i/apex_version.txt you get that file.
          If you don't have such a context, you could also pack the images into a war file and deploy it to your JBoss. (e. g. "i.war") Testing would be similar.

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            Keith Jamieson
            Ok Here is what I did:

            copied the apex.war directory to standalone deployments
            copied the images directory from apex3.2 distribution into standalone deployments.
            renamed the images directory to be called i.war

            Added a file called i.war.dodeploy into the standalone deployments directory

            Started up Jboss


            We now have everything running as it should do

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