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    OEM12c database plugin - database page disordered


      Just applied the Database Plugin on top of the OEM12c -
      Since then, there's a strange behavior on the Database page (tested on IE8 and Chrome 16).
      Here the scenario :
      1. go to the database page
      2. check database load map, so far so good
      3. here I want the search list, so I check "Search list'
      => the result is that on the new page there's no radio button to select a database, and the showed columns are not the ones I previously configured.
      I have to go to an other page, i.e. system (leaving "search list" checked), and go back to the database page. Everything is showed now as expected (except that none of the "Database load' and "Search list" buttons are checked).
      I've never notice it before, so I assume this is a regression within the last change I did, applying Database plugin
      That's rather annoying and hope to have a fix soon.

      Anyone have seen the same ?