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    11g EX SSIS Pkg Runs in development Gets ORA-12516

      I have an SSIS package (VB2008) that creates and loads an Oracle 11g Express data from an XML and XSD files. It works fine in the development mode. When I try to run the package by double clicking on the dtsx file (launches the Execute Package Utility), I get a ORA-1256 error -"TNS: Listner counld not find available handle with matching protocol stack"

      There were instances were executing the package worked. However, it did not conistently work.

      I tried increasing the number of processes using the DBA account and the following sql statement.
      alter system set processes=1000 scope=spfile;

      This did not seem to change anything.

      I'm very new to Oracle.

      Frankly I'm stumped.

      Any help would be appreciated.