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    Command line options to disable java updates for Java 7 update 13

      Does anyone know the command line options to install Java 7u13 so that Java updates are turned off for users?
      I found some older command line options for previous versions but these do not seem to work:

      If there are no command line options are there registry settings or .MSI properties that can be changed to disable Java updates?

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          We aren't yet deploying JRE 7, but JRE 6 has a seperate program for the Auto Updater that can be uninstalled. I have been deploying JRE using the following script for the last several versions now and it's worked very well. The install string contains deprecated switches, but JRE is still installing them so being the cautious fellow I am, I go ahead and set them anyway.

          In the script below, the Auto Updater is uninstalled using msiexec /qb /X{4A03706F-666A-4037-7777-5F2748764D10}. This will will completely remove the "Update" tab from the Java Control Panel and will prevent anyone from updating JRE, checking for JRE updates or changing the update notifications through the Java Control Panel.

          I am not sure if that is the same Key for JRE 7. You can find out by installing JRE 7 on a test machine and browsing through the following REG hive to find the specific key (assuming you are installing 32bit JRE on Win7 64bit):

          In each of the Keys, look for a STRING showing something like: "DisplayName"="Java Auto Updater". Once you find it, that should be the Key.

          If you use a log file (as I did) when uninstalling the Auto Updater, the MSI log may state that the Auto Updater failed to uninstall. I have found that this is a bug in the Uninstaller or may be by design because JRE itself is still installed. In any case, as long as the Update tab is gone from Java Control Panel and the REG key itself is gone, you should good to go.

          @echo off
          REM This command file performs a silent unattended install of Java JRE/SE
          REM http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/silent-136552.html
          REM Switches
          REM /lang=1033 (English)
          REM /s (Silent)
          REM INSTALLDIR (specifies the install directory)
          REM IEXPLORER (Enabled IE Hook - DEPRECATED as of 1.6.0_10, new JRE installs will automatically register will all browsers)
          REM MOZILLA (Enables Firefox hook - DEPRECATED as of 1.6.0_10, new JRE installs will automatically register will all browsers)
          REM STATIC (Installs JRE to a product family specific directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\%jreFamilyVersion%)
          REM REBOOT (Suppress the reboot, NOT USED)
          REM JAVAUPDATE (0 disables the ability to update)
          REM JU (0 disables the ability to update)
          REM UPDATECHECK (0 disables the update check function)
          REM /L (Defines the log file name and location)

          :: Modify these variables for each JRE version
          SET JVER=1.6.0_38_32bit
          SET SRCEX=jre-6u38-windows-i586.exe
          SET INSTDIR=%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre1.6.0_38

          :: Don't really need to modify these vairables, but can if you wish
          SET ALERT=Start Java JRE %JVER% Silent Install
          SET JREILOG=C:\DIRECTORY_HERE\Java_JRE_%JVER%_W764_Install.txt
          SET JREAULOG=C:\DIRECTORY_HERE\Java_JRE_%JVER%_W764_AUUninstall.txt

          ECHO %ALERT%

          :: Install Java JRE

          C:\temp\sleep.exe 5

          :: Uninstall Java JRE Autoupdater Software
          msiexec /qb /X{4A03706F-666A-4037-7777-5F2748764D10} /L %JREAULOG%

          C:\temp\sleep.exe 2