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      • 15. Re: impact to production if I shrink space on table...
        Fran wrote:
        No, shrink don't invalided indexes.

        It means that when you use CASCADE option, index will be shrunk too. When you use shrink you use the clause "alter table XXXX enable row movement" that can cause invalid objects like triggers or procedures related to XXXX table.
        That is history. See here:
        orcl> conn jon/jon
        Session altered.
        orcl> create table t1 as select * from scott.dept;
        Table created.
        orcl> create procedure p1 as begin
          2  update t1 set deptno=deptno+1;
          3  end;
          4  /
        Procedure created.
        orcl> create trigger trig1 after update on t1 for each row
          2  begin
          3  null;
          4  end;
          5  /
        Trigger created.
        orcl> alter table t1 enable row movement;
        Table altered.
        orcl> col objecT_name for a20
        orcl> select objecT_name,status from user_objects;
        OBJECT_NAME          STATUS
        -------------------- -------
        T1                   VALID
        P1                   VALID
        TRIG1                VALID
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