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    Multi row block button

      Guys, was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have a multi record block which displays about 10 rows on the screen to user, I have also added a button to this multi record block so there is 10 buttons, each button beside the corresponding row. When I click the button it processes the data in the current row and gives out a result, however it doesnt seem to work like that. If I query back and have 10 records displayed on the screen and then click the 5th button down which should process the data for the 5th record down it actually processes the data for the first record where the cursor currently is after the first query. Is there anyway I can get the cursor to go down to the record which corresponds to the button pressed? IE if i manually click on a record and then any of the buttons it processes whatever record the cursor is on, but I want it to automatically go to the record corresponding to the button when the button is pressed?

      Thanks for any help I may receive.