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        surely sir , workspace is SORS
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          workspace is SORS
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            fac586 wrote:
            Hunk09 wrote:
            Thank you for your help
            To get values in both the rendered items and session state, create Before Header computations to set P27_DP_TTF_START_DATE and P27_DP_TTF_END_DATE. Make each computation conditional on the value of the item being null.
            i tried with computational same issue .let me explain the issue. it pass the value on page render/load to P27_DP_TTF_START_DATE but chart still does not render on it own , untill i hit submit button.

            from debug.

            *...Perform computation of item: P27_DP_TTF_START_DATE, type=PLSQL_EXPRESSION*

            *...Execute Statement: begin wwv_flow.g_computation_result_vc := to_char(sysdate-28,'MM/DD/YYYY'); end;*

            *......Result = 01/22/2013*

            Does it have to do anything with submit button?
            Suggest you try to reproduce the problem on apex.oracle.com.
            There were no Computations for the parameter items on the page. I added conditional Before Header Computations for these items as described above and the chart is displayed when the page is first shown.
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              I know the computation was not there in test app , but i swear i tried the same way in production app ,miscellaneous pages, did not worked for me , it will try it one more time.

              Thanks for your time and effort much appreciated.
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                Finally it worked for me ..!
                Browser chrome cached the date range was not replacing it , weird ..

                Thanks you so so much.
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