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    Autovue integration with Promavera


      We are using the following versions in our system :-

      Primavera EPPM suite 8.2
      Autovue 20.2.1
      Vuelink 20.1.0

      We integrated P6 with Autovue. The Vuelink url provided in the administration console was
      (since the Vuelink version 20.1 onwards doesn't support csiApplet.jsp)

      But, when I try opening a document in Autovue from P6, it opens a window which shows "No service defined for ?dID=123"
      I found that it forms a url like

      (where 123 is my document id and username is ABC)

      If I try to open this same url replacing the '?' just before dID with an '&' , then it works.
      i.e. http://<Machine_Name>:16200/cs/idcplg?IdcService=VIEW_IN_AUTOVUE&dID=123&username=ABC

      My query :-

      1. Is this a product bug
      2. From where does P6 read and appends ?dID=123&username=ABC
      3. How do I make P6 work with Autovue with the current version I am on