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      I have 2 columns (Say A & B ), where A is NUMBER(Numeric) and B is DESCRIPTION (Varchar)..where A is from Table X, B is from Table Y
      My requirement is I need to get a new Column called COMBO by contacting the above two....and get the results...

      In the Answers level, if you concatenate ...results are coming fine ( All Records )

      But at RPD level, created a new Logical Column under Table X and applied the above concatenation using expression builder and brought to PResentation layer...... but i am getting only few records, not all records..!!!!

      Is this dependant IMPLICT fact column of that subject area....???

      I have another idea as well with SQL to achieve this, but assuming it may give performance issue
      Select distinct (A.Number ||' '||B.Description) from A, B ---> took 25 min and i dont idea where i can write this SQL in RPD

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          Map those two tables to fact in BMM (Source properties->use Add button)
          in this case that should work. Don not use distinct as in SQL.

          This should work.
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            Do you have a 1to 1 relation between your table X and Y ?
            If it is the case, you could :
            - add a relation between your table X and an alias of table Y in the physical layer (if your table Y is used in another relation)
            - add the alias of table Y directly in your source (dimension or fact) in BMM with an inner join between your 2 tables
            After you can add a new column which is the concatenation of column A and column B.

            Hope it helps,