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    How and why can I use SSP?

      Hi everyone!

      I have Apex and I want enable Session State Protection (just for testing and for learning how this works). When I go to
      Home --> Application Builder --> Application 121 --> Shared Components --> Session State Protection and I clik Set protection button I get to the page where I have 3 options (Disable, enable and Configure SSP). After clicking on enable option, I get to page [url http://tinypic.com/r/10wsavq/6]picture and I don't know how to solve that problem? There is no Finish or submit or complete or confirm button, only cancel and previous (print screen is on picture).

      Can anyone help me with enabling SSP and geting it to work in real?


      Edit: I found out that SSP is already enabled so I can't enable it again. But other question is still open, how to get it now to work in real.


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