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    PeopleBooks-Oracle SES

      Have the PeopleBooks Installation steps/architecture changed in Tools 852?
      Will in incur license cost for anything new (Oracle SES)?
      I just saw this Oracle SES in our forums but dont really know what it is all about and how does if fit in PeopleBooks domain?

      Is there anywhere steps outlined for PeopleBooks 852 Installation?
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          Oracle Secure Enterprise Search is the (new) search engine of Oracle and used in all the major Applications like eBS, PeopleSoft, Fusion Applications, etc for searching your enterprise data in a "Google"-like manor.
          With PeopleTools 8.52 you can still install/deploy PeopleBooks in Weblogic/WebSphere but also in SES.

          See the PeopleTools 8.52 Installation manual for details on how the set this up:
          Chapter 11 Configuring Integration Between PeopleSoft PeopleTools and Oracle SES.
          Appendix C Installing PeopleBooks - Understanding Oracle Secure Enterprise Search and PeopleBooks and forth.

          If you need to know how to install SES and configure it with PeopleSoft as data search, see this blog


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            So i can still install and search PeopleBooks the old fashioned way .?
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              Sure you can.

              See installation manual
              Task C-1-3: Installing the PeopleBooks Installation Software

              Only difference is that with SES you can enable full-text search, with traditional search it is Context-sensitive search (on Component/Page level)


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                I setup PeopleBooks the old way in Tools 8.52 .The URL looks like this.


                All works fine except the left side Search..

                When i search a Keyword in it ,it gives me a 404 Error.

                Is it possible to search the old way in 8.52 or do we have to use SES?


                Please note i am not yet thinking on Oracle SES and would like to configure PeopleBooks the old way.
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                  Did you generate a search collection after installation?
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                    I just wanted to know how can we generate search after installation?
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                      Oracle confirmed that we cannot search Peoplebooks 8.52 the old fashioned way and will have to go the SES route.