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    OCR backup for Non-RAC with ASM

      Hi Gurus,

      Need your help for below issue.
      We have non-rac 11gR2 DB with ASM RHEL 6.2. When I am trying to take ocr backup, below errors are encountered.

      [grid@remedy-ebu-test-db1 remedy-ebu-test-db1]$ sudo /u01/app/grid/product/11.2.0/grid/bin/ocrconfig -manualbackup
      PROT-1: Failed to initialize ocrconfig
      PROC-32: Cluster Ready Services on the local node is not running Messaging error [gipcretConnectionRefused] [29]


      1) Do we need OCR backup for Non-RAC instances? I know that voting disk backup are not required but what about OCR. Since there is no cluster involved how ASM and DB will remain intact.
      2) Also, there is no automatic OCR backup available? As per MOS, 11gr2 takes automatic OCR backups.

      Nikhil Mehta.