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    URGENT - Page protection violation in APEX


      After having upgraded APEX from 3.2.1 to, I encountered the following error many times:

      "Page protection violation: This may be caused by manual alteration of protected page items. If you are unsure what caused this error, please contact the application administrator for assistance."

      Does anyone know how to fix this error? Is there a patch for it?

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          I also found the document [ID 1456465.1 Problem : Page Protection Violation Error After Upgrading to APEX 4.1.1] in Oracle Support (metalink). It asked people to change the tabs to a list component and said the problem is "Not Feasible to fix". To me, this totally doesn't make sense at all. I never saw this message before APEX 4.1.1 - I upgraded from 2.x to 3.0 to 3.2.1 to 4.0 to 4.1 and never saw this message.

          If many people have encountered this same issue, there should be a fix.

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            Seems to be there are lots of possible reasons as described here in different topics:

            1. Old version of Super LOV plug-in. ( caused by function apex_plugin.get_input_name_for_page_item )
            2. p_page_checksum item is situated after the </FORM> tag (caused most likely by wrong templates).
            3. Items with either options 'Disable' or 'display only' and 'Save Session State' is set to 'yes'. Then alteration of its value via javascript will cause this error.
            4. Submitting page before it's completely loaded.
            5. If 'Value Protected' option of Hidden item is somehow set to NULL then it's considered as YES.
            SELECT *
            FROM apex_application_page_items t
            WHERE lower(display_as_code) LIKE '%hidden%'
              AND attribute_01 IS NULL
              and t.workspace != 'INTERNAL'
            6. Javascript which affects directly on p_page_checksum item.
            7. Moving protected or display only items which saves state outside the <FORM> tag.

            After updating to 4.1.1 I just found one more:

            1. Any public page with standard tabs with any region.
            2. Hidden item on page with either 'Value Protected' option setted to YES or NO
            3. Before header process:
             -- well, it actually works in 4.1.0
            4. it's either necessery to delete all cookies and replace url to f?p=APP_ID:PAGE_ID (without session)
            5. By either clicking on any tab or executing apex.submit('REQUEST') we get the same page protection violation error.

            In my case I solve it by placing htp.init; inside the condition which implement downloading of file.


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