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    Standby Database Instance not starting on Node Reboot


      This question relates to STANDBY databases in a RAC environment and what happens on a reboot of a node.

      We have a STANDBY Two-Node RAC Cluster that houses 5 databases. Each of these databases are STANDBY and running in MOUNT mode.

      Upon reboot of a node in the cluster, CRS tried to start the instances they did not come up.

      It appears that the instances on the restarted node did not come up because the database was already started in MOUNT mode.

      The CRS does not know to start the instance in MOUNT mode, so it tries to start in normal read write mode causing an underlying error and instance never starts.

      If we issue a srvctl start on the instance without the "-o mount" we can recreate the errror and the instance won't start. Adding the "-o mount" brings the instance up fine.

      How do sites handle this?
      Is it possible to add a parameter in CRS which will start the instance in the same mode as the database? If we embed an open mode and a role in the crs for each database, what happens when the STANDBY becomes PRIMARY?

      Thanks for your help!