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    lsof and non-global zones

      Hi - wonder if someone could help with an issue I'm trying to troubleshoot. I have a number of T2000 servers all running multiple zones and at peak periods I'm seeing issues with a particular application access a plain text log file. The server although busy is coping well and not particularly loaded. I've wondered if I'm hitting some sort of open file limit on the server but am unsure on how to check this. I can see that ulimit -n reports 256.

      I've also been trying to use lsof to see what open files an application has but this doesn't appear to work when logged into the non-global zone, all I get is:

      lsof -p 5508
      lsof-5.10: can't read namelist from /dev/ksyms

      If I run the same command on the global zone I can see various output about the zone but non relate to the applications log file which is currently being written to.

      Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this or what else I could check?

      Thanks - Julian.