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    2 Classic Reports with edit fields on the same page

      Hi All, need your help.

      I am trying to have 2 classic reports on one page with edit fields like date, list values, text
      I have noticed that the element indexes are the same f01_0001 have both first elements from both reports.
      This is making my code go crazy.
      Also i have a problem with Date Picker, if i select it as a column type for a first element in second report the icon shows up in the first report.
      I think this is because of indexing, but... Classic Date Picker put the icon on second report but when i select the date, the values is populated to first column in first report
      Does anyone have a solution for this problem! (for example change the indexing for second report)

      DB is 11.2g
      Apex is

      Thank you,

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