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    OHS doesn't forward me correctly

      I know I has something misconfigured somewhere, but can't figure out exactly where.

      I have machine A that runs my adminserver and 5 (different managed servers) and machine B that runs a duplicate of those 5 managed servers. Each machine is running an instance of OHS. But if I hit machine A's OHS instance or machine B's OHS instance they both forward my browser to a machine A url for single sign on. I can never get either of them to forward me to machine B's url. Even if I stop everything on machine A except the admin server, then if I enter machine B's ohs url, the request fails.

      I've tried modifying the mod_wl_ohs.conf file to use a WebLogicCluster for all Locations. I've also set that cluster to just consist of machine B, but still I get forwarded to machine A!

      Does anyone know where this address is picked up from? I've done a grep on machine B, for machine A's name in all config files, and I've made it to where there are no references to machine A, still OHS on B forwards me to A!