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    XML Publisher with Service Module - Service Request Reports -- URGENT

      Hi all ... any pointers/help/guidance with the problem listed below would be much appreciated.

      I'm working in the context of the Oracle Service Module & Service Request Reports.

      I'm required to configure the XML Publisher Responsibility seeded functionality with the service module reports.

      Listed below are the two reporting requirements that I'm considering , corresponding to the following seeded XMLP Responsibility seeded components:
      (I'm quoting an extract from the Oracle TeleService Implementation & User Guide here).

      Detailed Report
      Data Definition: Service Request Detail Definition (CS_SR_DETAIL_DEF)
      Corresponding Template: Service Request Detail Report Template (CS_SR_DETAIL_TMP.en)
      Template Description: Includes all of the available service request attributes including charges, the two descriptive flexfields, and extensible attributes.

      Summary Report
      Data Definition: Service Request Summary Definition (CS_SR_SUMMARY_DEF)
      Corresponding Template: Service Request Summary Report Template (CS_SR_SUMMARY_TMP_en)
      Template Description: Includes a subset of the detailed report attributes including the same charges information as the detailed report.

      When I log into the EBS >> XML Publisher Administrator Responsibility >> Service Application ... I find these seeded XMLP components, together with the preview data, downloadable templates & sample output.

      The question is:
      Where (responsibility/application/navigation/etc.) do I find the seeded EBS Service Reports to provide the expected XML input to the seeded XMLP Service Request Data Definitions & Templates????

      Notes ...
      I have found the following two reports, under the Service Application in EBS, set their output type to XML and viewed the output of the submitted request:
      - Service Request Detail Report
      - Service Request Summary Report
      ... but each of these two reports produce XML output of a different data model/structure to that expected by each of the corresponding seeded XMLP data-definitions/templates.

      Additionally, I cannot find any corresponding concurrent program definitions on the system with the same SHORT-NAME/CODE as the seeded XMLP data definitions themselves i.e. CS_SR_DETAIL_DEF and CS_SR_SUMMARY_DEF.

      Are the necessary reports not actually seeded within EBS? Do the seeded XMLP data definitions & templates require development of new Concurrent Programs from scratch to access the database tables and provide the necessary data/input, or am I missing something here??