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    connecting php to apex for sso login


      I have a php application. I need to tie it up with SSO. I am trying to do that by connecting my php application with dummy apex application whose authentication scheme is set to Oracle SSO.

      I created a dummy application using apex and a dummy page in that. And then have created a branch using url to my php application in the page. When I run the application it directly goes to php application without asking for SSO login. I am not sure what is missing. Any help or suggestions to do it in a different method would also be helpful.

      Also, the second step after it logs in using SSO, how can I access SSO login name in my php application? Any ideas?

      My main intention is to have SSO login to my php application and I have to use SSO login name to do provide actions like editing, etc in my php application.

      Apex info:

      Application Express
      DB details - Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release
      Web server architecture - APEX listener
      Browser(s) and version(s) used - Chrome version 24/ Firefox version 3.6 and version 18