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    Create new column in BI Admin Tool being HFM the OBIEE data source.

      Hi all,

      I am developing a BI project using OBIEE 11g and HFM HFM is the data source for OBIEE.

      Having the metadata imported in the physical and in the BMM layers, what I want to do is create a new column that will contain a float value. This float value depends on Account dimension, that is, if account name is 'XYZ', in a join of all dimensions, this new column´s value should be the same for all the other accounts in the same join.

      I have reached a point that the new column created shows the same number (value) as the logical column 'value' of the fact table, but I don´t know how or where specify which value (the one of the account name 'XYZ') should be for the rest of the new column (where account name is not equal to 'XYZ').

      I hope it is understandable, if something is not clear, please ask me.

      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards,