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    Interactive Report datepicker error


      I recently started using jQuery 1.8.3 and jQueryUI 1.9.1 and a user noticed that when clicking on a date in the datepicker of an Interactive Report they get a javascript error:

      Line 7316 character 3
      Error: 'undefined' is null or not an object

      appears to be the following line:

      var inst = this._getInst(target[0]); is leaving inst undefined...

      I'm sure it is where I'm including the UI or something because I can't reproduce the problem on http://apex.oracle.com...

      I've found a way to replace the clicking on the calendar icon to use all the latest versions of jQuery and the UI and it works, but I think I should really try to fix it a different way (incase there is somewhere else I haven't found yet)...

      Any ideas?